Shaun Hopper


Favored Nations/Digital Nations


Influences: Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel & Andy McKee


Record Label: Favored Nations/Digital Nations

"Most Unassuming Monster"


- Best of the Bay (2009)


"Best Musician on the Rise"


- Atlanta Journal Constitution (2009)


"The kids got fingers of doom, no two ways about it. A true world class talent on fingerstyle flat-top acoustic guitar. Hopper effortlessly channels Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel and Andre Segovia, blowing minds and dropping jaws everywhere."


- Creative Loafing Magazine


"Shaun Hopper is an absolute guitar star... unique, innovative, exciting and edgy. His fresh approach and technical mastery are bolstered by his engaging personality and ability to connect to audiences of all ages. A true performer, well beyond his years."


- Mark R. Switzer, DMA - Professor of Music/Florida Philharmonic Orchestra


"Shaun Hopper is a mesmerizing talent on the acoustic guitar, a fingerstyle enthusiast who can pluck out a symphony while sitting onstage. It is folksy at times, frenetic at others, with influences that range from blues to pop to traditional Celtic ballads."


- TBT (St. Petersburg Times Publication)


"Shaun Hopper is simply one of the best guitar players in America. Keep your eye on him."


- Michael Marth, President - Tampa Bay Fingerstyle Guitar Guild


"It takes a lot to blow people away around this music industry, especially around this radio station. We've seen it all. Shaun Hopper is here and he just totally blew me away. I've never, ever seen someone do what this guy just did with a guitar."


- Bulldog - (The Rude Awakening Show - 7/27/11) - - Ocean City, MD


"It's hard to critique this piece (Paper Orchid). It's performed so well."


- Steve Vai, Favored Nations/Digital Nations


"Casually dressed with a mop of curly hair, Hopper clearly enjoyed the up-front and personal nature of performing a house concert. With self-deprecating humor and a vivacious wit, this son of the Deep South gave a uniquely friendly, funny and entertaining presentation. Hopper uses long, clear acrylic nails offset by a thumb pick. He combines sparkling fingers with modern electronics. He merges Segovia with U2's The Edge. The result is neither classical nor modern. It is neither merely physical virtuosity nor digital product. It is however, electric. Hopper is a finger picking rock star. With the arms and shoulders of a wrestler, he didn't just pluck the strings pizzicato style; he tapped, knocked and thumped the amplified guitar body like a drum. He stroked the shapely wood. He spanked the fret board. He clacked his ring on the back of the guitar neck. He slid a metal train down its rails. Hopper picked the top and bottom strings with such precise syncopation it seemed like two or three guitars playing simultaneously. He wove rhythms as tight as a Moroccan carpet.


The talent of this consummate finger-painting virtuoso lifts the voices of angels to a higher plane. The highest achievements of the most talented artists approach this level of higher consciousness. Think Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Walt Whitman and Frank Lloyd Wright. With this rare gift, Hopper is no exception. Relaxing to the sonorous strings and escaping to this plane, there is a chill of recognition. He speaks the language of Olympus with his music."


- A. Colin Flood,